Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Last Friday I drove to a wedding just north of Auckland, I stopped at one of my favourite cafes for lunch - BeesOnline just past Kumeu, out west. I love this place, it has the best food ( has won many awards), is situated above a wetlands area which has been planted back with all NZnatives, some great flax ( Phormium tenax ), to top it all off, there is a working hive in a glassed off area inside the cafe, a great place to park the kids while you eat your lunch ! The staff are super friendly, the whole place has a wonderful atmosphere .. but then I could be biased, it is all about bees and honey after all.

In the buildings behind the actual cafe, honey is brought in from their hives and other parts of NZ, this is put into very funky jars and sold in the shop along with many other honey - related items. I always spend too much money - who could resist manuka honey lollies, orange blossom honey and many other tempting articles ?? take a look at their website www.beesonline.co.nz .


Linda T said...

It's fun reading about your bee start-up. I hope you have as much fun as I have had. Thank you so much for sending me your blog address. I've now put a link to your blog on mine. Good luck and great success with your bees - so brave you are to get a swarm!

Linda T in Atlanta, GA

George said...

Hi Bees in the Antipodes,I'm George the bastard fom Happy apiary.Don't forget if you fly over Europe Stop because you have a friend here.
All the best to you and your family!

Weeds Between the Cracks said...

What a paradise place to stop at for those of us who love honey and bees--I'd love to visit BessOnline (in person), it sounds exceptional! It is a pleasure to find your blog. I keep bees many miles from you, but beekeepers from all over the world learn from one another. Great posts & information. Thanks for visiting me!
Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA