Sunday, December 7, 2008

bees at work ..

The beginning of December brings sunshine and flowers and many busy bees in my back garden. My girls have had flowering Manuka and Pittosporum eugenoides, Lemonwood, to choose from plus a wonderful big garden across the road that is full of flowering summer plants.
I have noticed that Miro, the taller hive is quite abit stronger then Rimu, hopefully this 2nd hive will catch up with her sister bees in time.
My 3rd hive, Matai, is at my friend`s place in the city and doing really well. I hope to take some honey off at the end of the month all going well.


Trintorul said...

I hope the this 2 hives gather Manuka honey? Do they?
George from Romania

Lavender said...

Wow, fantastic stuff! I look forward to learning more, I really love bees! Great to find your blog, best wishes!

Ngaio said...

Hello George, no, my bees don`t have the native manuka to collect, the plant I have is a garden variety bred from the original but has dark pink flowers - still nice to have for the bees.

Kia ora Lavender, great to hear from you, thanks for popping in.I look forward to seeing more of your photos ..

Nan said...

I love the colors of your hives! They are just beautiful. We are talking about maybe keeping a couple hives again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nan, I just used the paint I had - would really love to paint them yellow !!

I love your blog, I read alot, mainly non-fiction these days. I have a huge interest in our NZ history, horticulture, bees and our native flora and fauna. I love Australian writing as well, plus poetry - and so the list goes on !!

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Kia Ora Ngaio,

I just picked up your comment on my Mad Bush Farm Blog. Thank you so much for leaving one and for being concerned about our beautiful Kaipara Harbour. I think your blog is wonderful. You just have got yourself a new follower.

All the best to you

Cowgirl said...

Kia ora, Ngaio.

Thanks for reading my blog, and kind words. Have loved my visit here - we used to have bees, and for many years were the Northland agents for Ecroyd's beekeeping supplies so had many buzzy customers. I love bees - and bumbles, wasps the lot - and would never harm one, always help them back outdoors if they venture in or nuture them overnight with some sugar syrup if they forget to go home!

Nice to have another Kiwi blog to read.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Hi Ngaio
Just wondering how you're getting on with harvesting any honey from your hives, would be interested to hear about it if so.
Best wishes