Saturday, January 2, 2010

Exciting Year Ahead . .

Happy New Year all my blogger friends - I think 2010 is going to be an interesting year for this strange middle-aged lady.

Today my first blog entry was published on a NZ website called Happyzine, check out the link below. Charlotte, the editor, came across my bee blog and asked me to contribute to the site with fortnightly blog entries - wow, so many wonderful things have come from keeping bees, I really believe it is my mission to go down the road of educating people about the importance of these tiny insects in our lives, more importantly, to care for them, provide food and habitat and to stop destroying their natural world. Roll on more teaching and speaking to groups, my first year without any children at home to nuture, will be full of interesting and challenging adventures !!


Lynn said...

I think this "strange, middle-age lady" (you said it, I didn't) is going to be highly rewarded with the work she has chosen. Isn't it funny how priorities change as we grow older. Sometimes for the better.

Our weather is brutal this week. Very cold temperatures and dangerous wind-chill. Folks are being warned to stay inside. I hope my bees can survive.

Anonymous said...


Congrats, dear lady and fellow beekeeper! Isn't it great to know that your experiences can be used to help others? I know you're excited! And teaching children is a great experience. I used to teach kindergarten through fifth grade in the drug abuse resistance program..and it was always rewarding to know that I may have helped a child along the way. Happy new year!

Cliff W said...

Well done you! I now realise that you're Marcia. My boss spells his name Meighan. Anyway, I digress, congratulations and keep up the fantastic work!

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Happy New Year and all the best with the bee education!

doris said...

I love your blog, just discovered it and am thrilled to be reading about a beekeeper similar to myself. I am retired, middle aged, a nana and a wife and new beekeeper. I likewise am passionate about bees and honey and everything about these fascinating little critters. I harvested my first honey last fall (with help from my daughter and grandsons). It was a tremendous success and great feeling to see all that my girls produced. Delightful to read your comments. I'll be following your blog and am just starting my own here in California.

Ngaio said...

Hi Doris
Thank you for those lovely comments ! Do you have a blog up and running yet ? I clicked on your name but couldn`t find a blog - mind you, I am slightly techie stunted !
I really enjoy communicating with all my bee blooger friends all over the world, if you like you can email me at my work/home address,
Bees are the most absorbing interest, I just love everything about them and really enjoy the teaching side of things.
So nice to hear from you, would love to see some pics of your hive.