Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sepia Saturday

My Father, Thomas Brian Meehan, aged 33yrs old in 1956 at` Patunga`, the sheep farm he eventually managed for ten years, on his trusty steed. At this stage we were living in the little cottage in the background, moving to the main homestead ( which deserves a post of it`s own) 2 yrs later.
The land is very steep in that part of the North Island of NZ, it once was covered in native forest which was milled, consequently when ever there was heavy rain alot of it slipped down into the valleys and creeks below ! It also took tons of super phosphate fertilizer to grow decent grass, with many farmers walking off their land in the early 1900`s before aerial topdressing was used. Dad had 2 horses he rode and a pack of working sheep dogs that went everywhere with him - both horses and dogs being his work mates and loyal companions. I never saw my Father mistreat an animal, he did swear at them which was the only times I ever hear him cuss, but it was not in his nature to be cruel.
With his tanned fit body, a long piece of supplejack and very sharp knife in a pouch at his side, he was ready for anything - my hero !


Nancy said...

How physically fit your whole family must have been to walk up and down those hills! You probably didn't have snow but when I looked at the photogaph before reading my first thought was being snowed in!

This was a great post about your father, a warm tribute.

tony said...

An Important Memory, A Perfect Record.Thanks For Sharing.Regards,Tony.


quite the hero you had there!! hard work, but reaping the rewards must have been most satisfactory.

Marilyn said...

Lovely photo about your father as were your words about him and the farm.

Matron said...

What a wonderful life! I sit in an office in London for a living - Oh to have a life like that AND have the company of two working dogs all day!