Thursday, January 25, 2007

How full are we ?

It is a beautiful Waikato day, warm and humid . After work this afternoon I decided to check on both Miro and Matai as I am worried the bees are running out of room ! I put 3/4 depth supers on each hive 3 weeks ago and with the weather we have been having, I am concerned about it becoming too congested, I don`t want another swarm.

After struggling ( does anyone else have the same problem of squirming into the bee suit ? ) into all the gear with gloves, gumboots and smoker in working condition, I walked quietly up to Miro, lots of bees outside and many flying in and out, both hives looking extremely busy. My smoker working ok, or so I thought, I carefully took the tin lid off Miro, then using my hive tool I prised the top cover off and slowly took one frame out - half is caped honey and the other half necter, all looking very good - maybe we will beable to extract some honey this year. Sadly the smoker decided to give up the ghost at this stage, the bees started to sound abit grumpy and I was persuaded to leave well alone ..

I think I will ring my beekeeper mentor, Pete, tonight and discuss whether to leave well alone or take another look on the weekend.

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