Sunday, January 28, 2007

More room needed

After discussing the lack of room in both Miro and Matai with Peter, I decided to put another 3 /4 depth super with 8 frames each on both hives. The necter flow is still strong with the sunshine and alittle rain, the bees are flat -out, I couldn`t resist having a taste of the honey in Miro, absolutely delicious and so pure ..

It is Sunday evening in the Pacific and to make it extra special, we have been treated to the wonderful sight of the comet McNaught in the western sky, a new comet recently discovered by an Australian, we won`t see it again in our life time, a real visual symphony.

It was very handy having the deep salt water pool over the fence from the hives today, I jumped in fully clothed after struggling out of my sweaty bee suit, luckily Doug and Helen are away !

I buy my supers from Rainbow Honey, here in Hamilton. Chris and his wife Jenny have about 500 hives out in the countryside and Chris makes the woodware we all need. I picked up both boxes painted and the frames waxed ( the smell throughout the house this morning was delicious) and had a good chat about all things honey. Chris kindly said I could go out with them if I wished - yes please ! They have hives in a orange orchard north of Hamilton and I am looking forward to tasting that ..

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