Saturday, March 31, 2007

Honey Pictures from Miro and Matai

This is the wonderful honey the bees from my 2 hives have made.

Thats me doing the hard work, in fact it is very satisfying somehow, it was hot and sticky but worth it all in the end

The first frame of uncapped honey from my citybees - not bad I think !
Each frame seemed to be packed out to the sides which made it easy to uncap.

Queen cells maybe in Miro, the brood pattern is not good and I think the bees have decided to make another Queen - we will see ..

The knife being heated before uncapping. It was easier to use then I expected. My antique smoker, she works very well

Checking the supers for mites/disease, no nasties to be seen.

Gently brushing the bees off the frames, they were quite docile really considering the fact that I was robbing them of their hard earned booty. I didn`t have to smoke them much at all and no stings - thats always a bonus !! I have noticed that some days they are quite grumpy and will actually fly at me, a warning I guess. Lately thought both hives have been extremely happy and non-aggresive, it must be the way I talk to them - I always thank the bees for providing me with their honey and have left plenty for them over the winter.

I really need to sort out how to put my photos on with the writing so that it all matches ! Never mind, you get the drift hopefully ..


LindaT said...

Great pictures and the honey looks yummy - it's lighter than the honey I get in Atlanta where the tulip poplar sap produces really dark red honey. Loved seeing your process of harvesting!

Linda T

Anonymous said...

Those photos brought a tear to my eye.

Beautiful and moving in so many ways.

It reminded me of when E.T was nearing death and the government all turned up round the place wearing white suits and scared the children.

Love ya Marcia!



Ngaio said...

Now Matt, if you weren`t my dearly loved son-in-law I would give you a severe growling - you ratbag you !!! You mean I don`t look gorgeous in my bee suit ?? You know the bees and I are kindred spirits and any dodgy karma will come back to you - ten fold !!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah..
You know I love ya.

Matt (looking over me shoulder for the karma...police)

Steph in Roker UK said...

Thanks for so amny photos, it was fantastic to see all the steps in 'real' time and full colour. My sister, Beansprouts, has just got bees (that's how I found you) and I was wondering how one gets the honey out. now I know - we send for you.

Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

The honey is beautiful. I agree that talking to the bees is beneficial, not only for the bees (maybe) but (definitely) for the beekeeper. Sometimes, when things get intense in there, I find the calm talking to the bees really calms ME down!

Thanks also for your nice words about my blog. I hope you will visit again, and I look forward to more entries on your blog in the future.