Friday, April 6, 2007

Jars of Nectar

Apart from 8 small jars I gave away to work mates, this is what I poured into my eclectic collection of jars from under the sink cupboard last weekend - my first honey harvest !
There are still 2 more supers to extract, hopefully this week sometime. The honey tastes like all the flowers in the garden, very floral and sweet..
Next year I am going to be better prepared and have brought cool little jars, organised a label and maybe take any excess to the local farmers market - it is just too nice not to share ..


Toby Chapman-Dawe said...

This is a *great* blog and the pictures are tremendous. It's spring in the UK, and my hive has just swarmed, the wretched little buzzers, so it will be a while yet before I see any honey... There's a link to "Bees in the Antipodes" on "Diary of an Incompetent Beekeeper" Come to think of it, I'm the antipodean from your point of view...

Ngaio said...

Hi Toby, thanks for those kind words about my little blog, I enjoy reading yours, I think I identify with your sense of humour and the madness of it all !!

Audrey said...

You have chosen a hobby thats nearest to nature.
If Bees accept you, honey will flow like wine.

Dont leave them hungery in the winter, just a solution of sugar water will suffice.
Tell your Bees all your joys, problems etc a daily chat with them is excellent for releasing tension and they do understand/
Good luck ngaio from an elderly Bee Keeper in the west of England UK.