Monday, April 16, 2007

Autumn in the Hamilton Gardens ..

A Red Maple leaf turning - the colours of Autumn can be so vibrant even though it is the season of loss .. leaves dropping and giving their nutrients back to the soil.
The morning sun shining through the wonderful coloured bark of Lagerstromia indica or Crepe Myrtle, so many trees have beautiful bark ..

On my walk this morning in the Gardens collecting plant samples for the tutors ( plus extras for my herbarium) I couldn`t resist these views across the small lake, the mist was sitting like a soft blanket over some areas still - I just have to soak this all up to keep me going while I am off work ..

These Gardens are my soul restoring place, I know every nook and cranny and then some ! I believe they are the jewell in Hamilton`s crown, from the city rubbish dump to these magnificant gardens, we have a place of learning as well as contemplation - a must see if you visit my fair city ..

The Pond House is a favourite place to sit, especially on a hot summers day, from there you can see across the lake to the waterfall on the far side. There is always the sound of water and birdsong in the air. Over on the far bank there are Taxodium distichim Swamp Cypress growing, their autumn colour is just amazing. I hope I get to see it this year ..


Mark Thompson said...

I love the rich color and texture in that leaf. You have some nice photos here.

Good luck with your blog. I hope you keep posting.

Ngaio said...

Hello Mark, thanks for that - I love photography, have just brought a new Canon digi and am chomping at the bit to get out there ! I am recovering after a double hip replacement - nearly there ! I did leave you a message on your very interesting blog, not sure where it is ?
I love working with my bees and have missed that alot since April, but I do intend to keep posting, thats for sure - winter here and they are tucked up keeping warm ..

Julechen said...

Wow. You just made me very homesick. I'm a New Zealander living in Austria and have been looking for info on beekeeping. That's how I found your blog. Gorgeous photos.

I remember growing up in Tauranga with a kowhai tree in the garden which a beautiful tui would always sing in. Magical moments.

I'm starting a beekeeping course soon. That will be fun in German. Especially since the instructor speaks a very strong Viennese dialect!!