Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frosty Leaves

It has been a glorious winter day here in Aotearoa, I think the whole country is bathed in sunshine. The day did start with a -4C frost here in the Waikato, everything covered with beautiful sparkly frost. The fijoa tree`s leaves were all out-lined, the same with the kowhai tree below. I love the way the frost defines the leaf shape.

The geranium leaves were all touched with frost, the grass crunchy underfoot. There was a pair of tiny Piwakawaka ( fantails) flittering around me as I wandered around in the sunshine and even though I felt sad, it still felt good to be alive .. I put Ellena on the bus back to Uni in Wellington later in the morning, we had a fab week and I`m missing the mess already !


Marilyn said...

What beautiful photos - the frost outlines the leaf shape so beautifully - and I can relate to feelings you have after your daughter returned to uni. We had that throughout our children's uni years - so wonderful to have them home and missed them as soon as they left.

Cabbage Tree Farm said...

Love the kowhai leaf photo. The heavy frosts made everything look quite magical didn't they.

Matron said...

What beautiful photos! I enjoy a respite in our mid Winter here by visiting all the lovely productive gardens in the Southern hemisphere! Here in England we are just at the peak of our production! Enjoy ours until your season starts again.

Veronica said...

Hello. Nice to meet you :) I love the idea of bee keeping, maybe one day I will give it a go.
The frost looks beautiful.