Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sring is in the Air . .

The beginnings of spring down here in Aotearoa brings un-predictable weather - rain and wind that batters the fragile fruit blossom and leave drops of water hanging off the end of buds. The fresh green new fronds of the tree ferns uncurl amongst the Rhododendrons in the Gardens.
Stunning orange banksia flowers are like bright candles on a dull day. Birds and bees love these interesting blooms which provide a welcome food supply over late winter and spring.

Kowhai buds on the tree in my garden, full of tiny waxeyes and a pair of fantails who dart around catching bugs. The bees don`t usually visit this native tree until the flowers finish and they are able to reach the nectar - it makes them abit sleepy !
Fruit tree blossom,, so exquisite in its form and colour - nature has formed this perfect flower that when pollinated, will form a seed to carry on it`s life. .

The first cherry to flower here, Prunus companulata or the Tui tree, now considered a weed tree as the birds spread the seed out onto the bush, with this pretty tree grows robustly in our temperate climate. It is a beautiful spring sight with its cerise pink flowers and carpet of pink on the ground.

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Marilyn said...

Beautiful photos, spring certainly is a fickle season.