Friday, January 21, 2011

endless love . .

This beautiful card was made for me by my then 13yr old granddaughter, Lia, before she left to stay with her Dad for 6 months last year. I must admit, I didn`t notice the missing `e` for some time ! This, along with other cards made for me by my children and grandchildren are very precious to me, I have a journal in which I put bits and pieces that mean alot to me, including poetry, pressed plants, photos and other bits of my life ..
I was secretly very chuffed with the lovely message Lia wrote, it always brings tears to my eyes, it is amazing what an influence grandparents can have with their grandchildren, all it takes is time spent with them, endless love, which is not hard to give - in fact I am hopeless, I hate when they cry, I want to make it better and love them to pieces -  they know it to . .


Comfrey Cottages said...

I just love this Marcia xx We are birds of a feather, dear.:) grandchildren, bees, plants and nature:) What adorable cards, they love their grandma sooo much! I have my memory album also:) lol thank you for sharing:) xx

Bentham Bees said...

That's a beautiful card and sentiment! Where would we all be without recorded memories, especially of grandchildren. They grow so quickly and learn equally quickly how to manipulate grandparents! I love it!! ;-)

juliet said...

What a lovely card. The best gift we can give our grandchildren is our passion. That's what they love, and your granddaughter has certainly 'got it' that bees are your thing. You have taught her what passion and commitment are.