Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections not Resolutions . . .

Today has been a quiet day, a day to reflect over the past year, to be honest, over the past few years really. The weather has been beautiful, not hot, just nice with a breeze that dried the washing and kept the cats warm in its rays.

Being home alone, meant National Radio playing all day, soothing, interesting music and a very funny American play, the NZ songwriter, Anika Moa with her new album. The news every hour spoken in a perfect radio voice, so many memories of listening to the radio as a child, hearing the BBC voices !

Being home alone meant coffee and the garden mag, sitting outside in the morning sun, watching the blackbirds flicking through the mulch and screaming at the cats ( birds that is) with that awful alarm call - I swear the cats smile . .

Being home alone meant snoozing on the sofa after trying to read the Hamilton Garden Festival programme - so many fantastic plays, music and other things to go to in Feb.

Being home alone meant time to reflect . . . think about happenings in my life, mainly, grown children leaving to live further away for a new start, another daughter who needs time and space to sort her life out - I feel I need to draw back, somehow trying not to worry, my baby`s 2nd year at Uni and living away from home - my first time really alone last year since I left home at 17 . My beautiful grandchildren who are my delight. But mainly, I would like to think I could make some inroads into dealing with a major family relationship, one that should play a huge part in my life, but one I have had to distance myself from to survive . .

Being home alone gives me time and energy to think about new ways of dealing with stress and unhappiness and JOY - something I know I deserve !

Bring on 2011


Bentham Bees said...

We ALL deserve a little joy & happines in our lives! When you have time to reflect and ponder always start with positive thoughts, they tend to stay that way then! Enjoy 2011!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. I've been trying to source or find a copy of that American play (I tried googling it and came across your post), I heard the play too but only for about ten minutes. Hilarious. Would love to know if anyone has any ideas on how to source it, Thanks, Helen