Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Apiary ..

This beautiful book was given to me by a friend, it written by Alfred Neighbour and published in 1878. It still has the original watercolour painting of Geo Neighbour and Sons Bee Farm West End, Hampstead. Chapters have interesting titles such as `Abdomen and Secretive Organs` , `Thorax and Organs of Motion` and `Bee-Keeping in London` all which delve into wonderful worded detail, eg `There are many persons, now in this noisy city pent, who frequently remember the days of childhood when, among pastures of clover or amidst flowery heath and woodlands, they listened to the cheerful hum of bees.`

The next 2 pictures are of different hives used, both very handsome - I wonder how practical ?
I found this book fascinating, these hives were works of art - very pleasing to look at. The inside of the hive was often grained and varnished with elaborate entrances and facade.

The hive with the 3 bell glasses must have been a delightful sight. The bees would come up throught one of the 3 holes and convey their honey into the bell glasses( with ventilators), which, when filled held about 6 pounds each. There were 3 windows in the lower hive, each closed with a shutter, very useful and interesting for inspection. Across the centre window was a thermometer , enclosed at the sides by slips of glass. The hive, in 2 parts, was made of straw with a zinc ventilator, ornamentally painted, forming the apex: this was useful in letting the confined hot air pass away in warm weather.

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Ellen said...

I just took a walk through your world. Beautiful!
Stunning photography and wonderful lyrical tour.
Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.