Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Country hives ..

Last night my friend and I took our 2 small hives captured from swarms we had afew weeks ago, out to their rural home.

We tied the bottom board, hive box and cover tightly together with ties, loaded them into Doug`s van, covered them up securely and drove (quite quickly I might add) , out to the countryside. We did all this at about 8.00pm, it was still reasonably light, I just hope most of the bees were home for the night !

An uneventful 15 mins later, minus afew odd looks from people, we arrived at my friend`s place, drove across the paddock and gently put Totara and Rimu ( more tree names) under the Poplar trees, where I know they will be very happy and productive (I hope).
I am looking forward to having rural hives, it is not that far out of the city, surrounded by 2 acre blocks, lots of trees and the Waikato river, but has a totally different feel about it, if that makes sense ??


Ali Türk said...

interesting give thanks

Nan - said...

On this snowy day, I thought it would be fun to drop in to the other side of the world, Ngaio. Still light at eight. Oh, my. It gets dark pretty early around here these days. I'll be so interested to hear reports on your city and country bees, how and if the honey is different.