Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Summer Days ...

Phormium tenax or Flax, full of nectar for the birds, much loved by the Tui and Bellbird who come away from these plants with a dusting of yellow or orange pollen on their heads. Maori believe that if the Harakeke (flax) flower early we are in for a long, hot summer and it sure looks that way this year with the tall spires of flax flowers swaying in the breeze, at times covered with nectar seeking creatures, especially the tiny wax-eyes

A glimpse through the Golden Elms with their beautiful crisp yellow/green foliage, through to the Roses here at the Hamilton Gardens, the Horse Chestnuts are flowering in the background. It is just starting to get hot here now, up to 25 degrees some days.

My little families precious Christmas gift, Elliott Thomas, with his Mum, Pip - he is truely a darling - Nana will be buying him his first bee t-shirt soon ..

The Pohutukawa flower which always means Christmas and long hot summer days here in New Zealand, is flowering now along the coastline - a truely iconic kiwi symbol and the bees love it !
I don`t think there would be a New Zealander alive that doesnt think of this tree and long,hot days - blue, clear skies, the ocean, golden sandy beaches,( or if you live on the west coast), black sandy beaches and endless summers. No where in NZ is that far from the sea, lakes or a river.

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Nan - said...

I feel as if I have taken a vacation without spending any money or having to leave my chair. What a beautiful posting with spectacular pictures. The baby is adorable. What a gift for my eyes to see all that green and those flowers. Thank you!