Monday, January 28, 2008

Summer Honey ..

A small selection of the honey I collected last week from one half-depth super - it is very sweet and incredibly tasty, I use honey now for any sweetner - wonderful in stirfries, baking, over ice cream - anything really.

It has been a fantastic year for honey, every plant seemed to flower early and strong, my bees are out every day with the hot summer weather - just hope it rains soon ..
Here is a picture of all the jars full of Ora honey, ( Ora being Maori for `pure`) , my small collection of honey pots, all except one, have been given to me !
I have 2 supers to extract in the coming days, they are very full and heavy !! Once I have my label printed I will take some of the jars to the local market. I give jars away to family and friends but will still have far to much to keep in the cupboard.


ilhamiuyar said...

They appear look like perfect.Have a good job.Best wishes

Nan - said...

What a beautiful sight! I love the honey pots. I think we are going to take the plunge and get one hive. We kept bees twenty years ago, and thought we ought to try again. We have more flowers now, more shelter, and hopefully, more time to tend them.

Niedlchen said...

Wow. That looks most impressive!! I am absolutely terrified of starting beekeeping soon.

It was so fabulous to meet you while I was back in NZ. We just got back last week. I just love, love, love the book you gave me. It's beautiful. Thank you!

I'll send you an indepth e-mail soon.

Seriously though...I am utterly terrified of really getting bees soon and being responsible for them!

Beegirl said...