Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Sad Day . . .

All I have left of the small swarm that was doing so well in my new TopBar hive . . .
I have lost all the bees from my TB due to a neighbour spraying fly spray all over his flower beds and then roundup everywhere else - the bees took acouple of days to die and it was devastating. This small colony was building up slowly with brood and stores starting to be seen, plus the gorgeous combs being built from the bars. They were gentle, I never had to smoke them as long as I was quiet and calm around them. I now have to hope I can get a swarm before the season comes to an end or buy a nucleous from a beekeeper.
I have spoken to all my neighbours and asked them to let me know in advance if they intend spraying anything.


Cliff W said...
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Cliff W said...

Bit of a typo on that last comment-

Hi Ngaio, that's terribly sad. Not sure if I would have been able to react so calmly myself. Best of luck with getting replacement bees. Cliff

oksofa said...

Hi Ngaio,
I reiterate Cliff`s message.
Whilst I know how you must feel, I also feel sorry for your neighbour who feels that insecticides are the answer. I don`t even know what the question is. Chemicals in gardens are surely not in keeping with natural harmony. I wonder how your neighbour feels now. No weeds, but no pollination either.
Can you make increase from your other colonies, or are you reliant on finding a swarm?
Good luck,

oksofa said...

Hi again,
Its David again.
Sorry if my oksofa name is confusing to you it is one of my other email addresses. you know me better as thistledew, the bewildered beekeeper.
Good luck


I am so sorry for your loss. Non-beekeepers do not understand the sorrow that these meaningless deaths bring to us, especially when there are so many bee-friendly alternatives to pest and weed control that courteous neighbors that care about the environment can use. My thoughts are with you.