Saturday, December 5, 2009

When your baby grows up . . .

This is what happens .... My beautiful youngest daughter, Ellena Roseann, went to her school`s Leaving dinner and Ball last night. She looked like a princess with her Irish green long dress, ( our ancestory),wearing her namesake`s cut-glass 1920s earings and her sparkling blue eyes she inherited from her beloved Grandfather ( my Dad) - the only one out of 4 children to have the pale blue eyes my Dad and Grandmother had. She looked amazing, I am so proud of the young woman she has grown in to - off to Victoria University in Wellington next year to study for a BA in linguistics and classics - must have her mother`s brains !!


Cliff W said...

You sound very proud - deservedly so. I was wondering whether you ever traced any of your Irish ancestry? How many generations ago did your predecessors leave these shores? BTW, hope the bees are doing well in their TB.

Ngaio said...

Hi Cliff, yes, I am very proud of all my children, they have all done well and life hasn`t been that easy at times .. Ellena is my `bonus baby`and she has spent most of her life just with me - she is a delight and I am going to miss her dreadfully when she leaves.

My Irish ancestry goes back to Galway Bay with the first lot coming out to NZ in 1842, early settlers here, on the bottom of the sailing ship I think, they were poor and destitute. They did well, the father was a soldier in the Maori land wars and was given a section of land in the town of Wanganui further south from here.
The dark skin ( spanish perhapes)and curly hair still comes out in cousins, Ellena and her sister both have the pale skin and reddish hair.

I am very sad at the moment .... I have lost all my bees from the TB hive to spray ! It wasn`t a strong hive but was doing really well and now all the bees are dead and I have to clean it out today. My neighbours have used roundup and sprayed their garden for flies with flyspray !! I gently, with my teeth clenched, asked them not to spray again or at least let me know and I can lock the bees in for a day - ahhhhh I am going to put a flyer around the street and ask the same - I am so upset. My other hive looks ok at the moment, it is a much stronger hive, I am taking honey off this week.
Sorry about the ramble !