Sunday, November 8, 2009

Comings and Goings at the TB

It is a very busy bustling time at my TopBar at the moment - I have yet to decide on a name for this hive - I vary between a Maori name like my other one or something from the classics, I think I might let my grandaughter choose.

The bees don`t seem to have a problem with the 2 round holes as entrance ways, they actually line them up, the guard bees also manage to do their job sucessfully. I have been reading Phil Chandlers book, `The Barefoot Beekeeper` every night, it is such an interesting read. having my own TB makes it all the more fascinating, it is easy to read and makes so much sense I can`t believe no one else has ever come up with the idea !! TB hives are not a new thing, but I don`t know anyone else here who has heard of them let alone wants to try one - I am going to change all that !


Lynn said...

You go, girl! I wish you lots of success intruducing TB to NZ. When we get my hive built later this winter, I'm going to do a program for my bee club. I'm sure they'll all think I'm a bit crazy, but I've never been opposed to shaking things up a bit.

Cliff W said...

Hi Ngaio

Ditto :)

I think that if I heard of these hives a year ago I would have gone with the TB from the start rather than investing in the BS National type. Good to hear things are going so well and you're enjoying the new learning experience. Best of luck with intoducing the TB down there.

BTW, I was interested whether there are "English" translations of Maori names? Just being nosey ;)

Anonymous said...
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