Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Orange blossom - ahhhh

There is no other scent like it - orange blossom ... Bees and other pollinating insects love these flowers and I can never resist sticking my nose into these delightful, delicate blooms.

One corner of the Italian Garden, another of the Paradise gardens at with a selection of potted citrus trees, covered in flowers all spring and summer . Each quarter of the garden has different Mediterranean plants growing, herbs, roses,annuals etc with large citrus in each corner.


─░lhami Uyar said...

Dear Ngaio,when we winter season ,we can be watch bloossom and other environment ,bees scenery New Zealand and border countries blogs,thank you nice sharing.I wish you succesufull season and harvest.Best wishes .Stay well.

Lynn said...

I could almost smell the orange blossom. The gardens are going to be lovely. How fortunate you are to work in such a beautiful environment. I'm envious.

Cliff W said...

The Hamilton Gardens look fantastic. The more I hear about your country, the more I think that we should try to visit one day. Maybe a long trip for a honeymoon (pardon the pun)!