Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Swarm to catch !

On a bright sunny evening last Sunday, my friend and I captured this beautiful swarm hanging in a very convenient place under the grape leaves on a neighbours` vine - it was just about to easy to get, I half expected them to turn ferel and sting me !! They didn`t, and it was a super swarm to catch.
It was such a nice size that the complete swarm nearly did fit into the nuc box I was holding. It was a case of hold the box under the bees and shake the branch, we couldn`t cut the branch they were on as it was a main leader and I don`t think the bloke next door would have been happy with me.
We swept the rest off the branch, managed to get most of them, I popped them in the back of my car, my grandaughter, Lia was with me and she wasn`t the slightest perturbed, in fact she took some of the photos ! We drove out to the beautiful garden I was putting them in with me in my bee suit, Lia in summer clothes and the bees all covered up on the back seat !!

I poured the bees into the hive I had set up in Moondance Garden, check out their website,, and I`m sure they will be very happy there, the garden is stunning, huge with river views. Stephen and Jeanette are a lovely couple and I intend to see more of their gardens and them of course ! The hive is surrounded by perennials, all flowering, roses, big trees, a pond - you name it, plus a magnificent manor house. Perfect place for weddings.

I went out last night to check the hive, all looks well with plenty of bees flying around, orientating and checking out the food supply ! If all goes to plan, I might put another hive out there next year. The owners are very keen to have the bees in their garden, the hive really looks nice in the setting - adds to the ambience !


Kenzie said...

Nice post and lovely pictures. I am so jealous, though: in the UK the bees are all down for winter and there is next to no action going on. How I dream for the heady swarm catching season with all its fun and intrigue!

Ngaio said...

Crickey, that was quick - should you be asleep ??
I love catching swarms, especially when I don`t have to climb high or reach out to some ridiculous skinny branch ending !!

Lynn said...

That is one beautiful swarm. Lovely garden setting, also.

Funny you should mention timing to Kenzie - I'm still trying to figure out what day it is when you post/email. I think you're at least 1 day ahead, if not more.

Cliff W said...

I have to second Kenzie's comments. The rain hasn't stopped all day and chasing swarms around seems a million miles away. I hope the bees settle in well into their new surroundings.

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