Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rose show with Japanese twist ..

For the last few days the annual Rose Show has been happening down at the Hamilton Gardens. This year it has had a Japanese touch with a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony to open the event - all the officials were there including the Mayor, rose breeders and Japanese Govt reps.I think the ladies in the picture above look so elegant and beautiful - I had to sneak up and look inconspicuous to get that photo !
There were lanterns hung in the trees, these were in the Gingko and big flying fish banners which made a colourful sight. I would have had photos of the roses but the weather has been very windy and quite cold, not alot of sun, the roses are out but not at their best. My poor girlfriend, Alice, who is charge of the rose garden, has been pulling out her hair and gnashing her teeth over the crappy weather, it is usually much warmer by now

The pretty opera singer must have been freezing, the wind was blowing and we all had jumpers on ! She sang beautifully, a trio of songs from Madam Butterfly, one of my favourite operas.
The Gardens are the perfect place for these sorts of occasions, during the summer festival there are plays, shows, music of all sorts and general good fun.


Cally said...

We were there today, for the Waitaiko Drumming performance. I love those guys, and it was so lovely hearing / watching them in such beautiful surroundings.

Cliff W said...

I envy your seeing Madame Butterfly in those amazing surroundings. I'll have to re-listen to it again this evening although it won't be quite the same on CD ;)


As a potter, I'm WILD about the tea ceremony and have a huge collection of tea ware. Wish I could have been there!

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