Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am honoured ...

It is autumn here in NZ, the days are cool and the light mellow ... Our bees are all tucked up in warm hives ( hopefully) and it is time to tidy up the woodwork, read lots of books and generally rest - yeah right, not this gal - I was nominated President of my local Bee Club along with librarian and news letter person - ahhhh

I have been doing the news letter for a year or so now and really enjoy it, the President role will be somewhat different - I have lots of ideas, but will take it slowly as not to upset the older gentlemen to much.

I am also really keen to have a Top Bar Hive this year, not much is known about them here and if I mention it to established beekeepers that tend to scoff at the idea, but I am determined to succeed !!

I will try and add more posts regularly ..