Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aotearoa Autumn . . .

Autumn is my absolute favourite season, I don`t mind a little rain or wind - the days are usually settled with that gorgeous mellow light that bathes everything in a soft yellow/orange glow. Above are the tulips I brought (unseasonal of course) with a bowl of beautiful scented ornamental quince and the gorgeous card my lovely daughter, Pip, made for me - she is very clever, making cards using pictures she cuts out of old girls annuals and the like - this one has a stylised looking `me` with a honey bee on a leash ! There is also a photo of my grandaughter Lia and grandson Elliott taken awhile ago now. I have to be surrounded in my`things` getting loads of enjoyment from just `looking` . .
A busy wee spider had made this perfect web over night - the water droplets caught in the strands glistened this morning on my walk through the Gardens - once the slight fog had lifted everything sparkled, and I heard quail calling.

As I walked across the rose garden this morning this beautiful sight greeted me - the balloon slowly rising through the mist, silently gliding across the city - we are so lucky to live where we are, here in Godszone as NZ is often called - it seems so easy to notice the simple pleasures often overlooked in our busy lives - it just takes time to stop and treasure the jewells we are surrounded by . . .

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter in New Zealand . .

My eldest daughter, Meg draw the `Last Supper` on the blackboard at her brother Cameron and his wifes` cafe Alimento in Tauranga - patrons loved it
Matt playing aucostic guitar at Alimento on Easter Sat, Pip, Elliott and I called in for lunch - Elliott enjoyed his `kids` lunch !

Elliott and little friend dancing the moves to his and Amalie`s Dads` band in the street on Easter Sunday - so full of joy - I love watching him dance and sing, his innocence at this age is delightful.

Mats` band, `Bare Bones and Cabaret` is becoming popular around the Bay of Plenty, they have played over here in Hamilton and out at Raglan - lots of good `ol rock and roll, all being their own music - Matt is on the right. Elliott loves jamming with his Dad, he and his little cousin Jackson, were playing the drums ( 2 long sticks on a stool top) and he said their band was called `the poopy beatles` - very appropriate !

My gorgeous 2 nearly 3yr old grandson, Elliott Thomas with his best friend, the Easter Bunny in the street at Mt Maunganui, the beach town on the east coast where he lives with his Mum and Dad.
Every Easter there is a large jazz festival held in Tauranga and the Mt which attracts many bands and solo artists, Matt and his band played at the Mt on Sunday. The population of the place swells considerably and for some reason, it is nearly always beautiful weather. When my children were younger, a large group of us, about 6 families, always went camping at Easter. I have so many great memories of those times and so do the kids, there was lots of laughing, playing silly games, afew drinks ( early rising with a slight hangover is not great ) and plenty of eating done - we tried to go to a different beach each year - special times . .

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Last Bee Class of the Term ..

This week was the last bee keeping class for the term, the 6th lesson I always have at my place and we check out my hives if the weather is ok. Everyone (only afew in the pic above) was intrigued with my TB hive and I`m pretty sure there will be a number of converts !! I know for sure that one couple have the plans already and will have their TB built in time for spring in Sept. Lifting the roof exposed lots of ants cleaning up a dead cockroach and a small group of bees busy propolising with shiny red something. I did smoke a small amount around the 2 entrance holes as there were people around without protective clothing on.

The first 2 bars have some propolis and a small amount of wax on them, the next one in
having a lovely comb of capped nectar - the bars are stuck together but do come apart easily.Note the different undersides on each bar, Peter experimented with some of the bars but the bees don`t mind as long as there is something to attach the wax to.

It was a warm evening so I took out another 3 bars which were joined with each one having its own seperate comb, all with the bee space between them, some with capped nectar, others to be capped. The bees were so calm, there was no frantic flying around, mind you, I didn`t have it open for that long. I find that by picking up more then one bar at a time the comb feels more stable somehow.
I have the divider just over half way along so the area is not as big and I can add more space next year all going well. I took a bar out of the empty end and the warmth could be felt even through the solid wood divider - amazing.