Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Acer rubra - Red Maple flowering . .

These 2 photos were taken one week apart - I just love the simplicity and beautiful shape of first the tight buds, then the soft coloured stamens waving in the breeze - nature at its best ..
Spring is so full of anticipation - where ever I walk in the Gardens there is a tree or plants ready to burst into flower some are already just magnificent, especially the magnolias - they deserve a post of their own !!

Educating the young . .

Last week I was invited to a local primary school to speak to two classes of 8/9yr olds about beekeeping. They had been studying bees, so had many interesting questions to ask me !! Gulp - some really made me think like, `do bees fly backwards ?` and `do bees live in blended families ?` - a sign of the times maybe . . .
I took along my suit, blower, some wax and frames plus honey to taste. I was going to take some bees as I do have a small case with glass sides for showing a frame, but the day was quite cold and windy and I didn`t fancy opening my hive. Still, they were all very responsive and I enjoyed spending the time with them.
The children had done some amazing artwork which I am going to ask their teacher if I can have a copy of acouple of them, wonderful poetry also - it is so encouraging to see these little people learning and interested in bees - all is not lost for the future I believe . . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Spring Things ..

The first cherry to blossom here is Prunus campanulata, the Tui tree. It attracts the birds and bees and always heralds the beginnings of spring for me. It is now classed as a weed species as it pops up everywhere, even in the bush - I still love it though. . .

Ma and Pa Duck checking out the accomodation in the Romulus and Reamus pond which is part of the Italian garden here at the Hamilton Gardens - we have many duck couples around now, some even with babies in tow - very cute .

What would spring be without crocus blooming at the base of the almond and cherry trees - this is once again taken this morning in the Italian garden - I love my job !!